Why were you contacted by Dunbar?

Dunbar acts on behalf of banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, mutual funds and publicly-traded companies to locate rightful owners of their lost and inactive accounts. You have been identified as a potential rightful owner of an account which our client has assigned to us.

With decades of experience in the recovery of lost and inactive accounts, Dunbar navigates rightful owners such as yourself through the complex process of transferring these assets to where they rightfully belong. In addition to orchestrating all outreach and communication efforts, Dunbar will also manage the entitlement verification process, document preparation and organization, stock transfers, registration updates, and all other items which are required to update the account.

Dunbar does not ask for any up-front payments and only receives a portion of the proceeds after we have successfully reunited the money with you. Start the process now by using one of the three options below.

Dunbar LLC, Financial Consultants  No License Required, Las Vegas, NV

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