People. Not Paper. Restoring Financial Relationships.


Restoring lines of communication with inactive account owners is an art – a delicate craft that is too often reduced to electronic searches and impersonal paper pushing. At Dunbar, we recognize that account reactivation is so much more. It’s an opportunity to re-engage with the most valuable customers your company can have – existing ones.

The cost of keeping an existing customer is a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new one.

At Dunbar we know the complexities surrounding unclaimed property and work in concert with our institutional clients to understand their needs and create customized solutions.

Dunbar’s mission is to provide banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, mutual funds and publicly traded corporations with unique strategies to address any and all of their unclaimed property needs. Through its signature bespoke communications strategies, Dunbar seamlessly locates, re-engages and protects valued accounts that are crucial to your bottom line.

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