Services Delivered the Way You Want Them

Managing unclaimed property responsibilities continues to get more complicated. The increased pace of state audits and the range of compliance obligations requires a dynamic, adaptable, and constantly updated approach. Risks are high; from failure to comply with reporting standards to overwhelmed staff and limited resources at a time of increasing volumes of work. Add in data security, and the need to keep current with technology and automation, and the difficulty of keeping up becomes even greater.

Our a la carte options in consulting and advisory, reporting, owner location and dormant account reactivation, and corporate asset recovery allow firms to tailor their approach.

Consulting and Advisory

Dunbar’s consulting and advisory services span: process review, liability analysis, first-time reporting, Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDAs), and merger and acquisition review. Across all of our consulting and advisory services, we work closely to understand your current state, evaluate gaps and needs, assess readiness across a wide range of jurisdictions, and then offer approaches that are easy to implement and manage. We also balance near-term outcomes with longer-term growth and sustainability objectives.

When you outsource your unclaimed property reporting to Dunbar, we don’t just process data and create reports for you — we take a consultative approach. If we detect data problems, missing property types, or out of compliance elements that could possibly result in fines or penalties, we take the time to discuss these concerns with you. This gives you the opportunity to be proactive and solve potential issues before the reports are sent to the states.


Owner Location & Dormant Account Reactivation

Restoring lines of communication with inactive accounts is an art – a delicate craft that is too often reduced to electronic searches and impersonal paper pushing. Dunbar helps you re-engage with the most valuable clients your company can have — existing ones — while generating results.

Companies reporting unclaimed property can also be the owners of unclaimed accounts by other companies/holders. Dunbar uses a complete company lineage to diligently research and investigate at our sole cost unclaimed assets that have been reported in your firm’s name. If a potential asset is discovered, we navigate the complex steps of asset recovery on your behalf. Let us show you how our focus on people, process, and technology helps to reduce risk, deliver service excellence, and position your firm for future growth.

Corporate Asset Recovery