Corporate Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery Specialists

Despite how essential it is for corporations to continue tapping into additional revenue sources, it’s notable just how many unknowingly come up short in regard to asset recovery. Jurisdictions in which you do business may be holding your company’s abandoned or unclaimed property, and you may not even know it’s there; companies reporting unclaimed property can also be the owners of unclaimed accounts reported by other companies.

Researching, identifying, and preparing claims to recover unclaimed assets can be a time-consuming and resource-heavy process. The asset recovery specialists at Dunbar use a complete company lineage to diligently research and investigate unclaimed assets that have been reported in your firm’s name. If a potential corporate asset is discovered that you can claim, we navigate the complex steps of asset recovery on your behalf.

Identification and Recovery of Unclaimed Corporate Assets

Our corporate asset recovery specialists research and recover unclaimed funds on behalf of organizations, locating revenue sources from overlooked or unknown items that may have been reported several years ago. Our specialist’s expertise in conjunction with advanced research tools enables Dunbar to create solutions specific to your needs.

The implementation of a comprehensive corporate asset recovery program can identify outstanding property and reclaim additional revenue. To make the most out of unclaimed property recoveries and turn a profit, it pays to turn to a third-party vendor that leaves no stone unturned.

Partner With Our Company’s Asset Recovery Specialists

Our unclaimed asset and fund recovery services are as comprehensive as they are aboveboard. We help our clients navigate the complex — and often confusing — claims process required by the states to ensure their compliance. In addition to unclaimed asset and fund recovery services, Dunbar offers the following solutions for unclaimed property management:

Our proprietary corporate asset recovery technology helps automate the unclaimed property search process. With the right specialists and tools, the identification and recovery of unclaimed assets is streamlined, expedited, and maximized for your bottom line.

For more information about what our company’s asset recovery specialists can help claim what’s rightfully your corporation’s, contact us today.