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Nimble, experienced, bi-coastal service with one focus: Your company

Constantly changing requirements and increasing volumes of audits require firms to regularly evaluate and evolve their unclaimed property management processes. Relying on dated or disconnected methods can increase costs — and risks. An effective program requires a holistic, automated, secure, and flexible approach that allows teams to shift their focus from responding and keeping up, to staying ahead.

Dunbar brings together people, process, and technology to help banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, mutual funds and public and private companies simplify their unclaimed property management programs and reduce risk. We are a full-service firm with a la carte options in consulting and advisory, reporting, owner location and dormant account reactivation, and corporate asset recovery. Our nimble, experienced, bi-coastal team can help customize an approach
that helps to reduce risk, deliver service excellence, and position firms for future growth.

Dunbar’s dynamic senior leadership team has had a large role in the creation of many of the unclaimed property industry’s best practices. Our team includes former state administrators, allowing Dunbar to provide the highest level of service and understanding of state compliance regulations to our clients. Dunbar’s team members have worked with the largest financial institutions, banks, brokerage firms, and transfer agents in the United States and have provided unsurpassed experience and solutions. Dunbar is well positioned to be any company’s, large or small, unclaimed property solution.

A Proactive Approach to Unclaimed Property: People, Process, and Technology

An effective program requires a partner who brings together people, process, and technology to help you implement and manage the challenges of unclaimed property management.



With the cost of keeping an existing customer a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new one, Dunbar understands that people must be a critical part of the equation. We not only bring expertise and assistance through our team, we focus on helping your team reach best-in-class standards and become more confident in their efforts and in the service they deliver to your clients.


Facing the challenge of keeping up with changes across states and the pace of audits, many firms find that what has worked in the past may now be a manual, disconnected, and unscalable arrangement. Dunbar works alongside our clients to help implement improvements and build sound governance procedures that can help lead your organization to better, more adaptable standards.


Many firms still manually track dormancy periods and deadlines by going to individual state websites. Dunbar has a state-of-the-art software solution that automates the entire reporting chain from creation to delivery. We are focused on data security and have strong protections in place to help ensure confidentiality of information.

Our Leadership

Senior Leadership

Seth Schorr

Seth Schorr

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

William (BJ) Hanson

William (BJ) Hanson

Executive Director

Maureen Ferrari Grollman

Maureen Ferrari Grollman

National Practice Leader Consulting & Reporting

Steve Kelly

Steve Kelly

Vice President of Sales