Our Company Received an Unclaimed Property Audit Notice – Now What Do We Do?

In the world of unclaimed property reporting compliance, receiving a notice that the company will be subject to an audit is not only stressful but also often scary. However, these notices cannot simply be overlooked and ignored to deal with these unpleasant feelings. Instead, companies must take these audit notices seriously and do everything in […]

Online Gaming Creates a New Kind of Unclaimed Property

With the legalization of online gaming and sports betting across the country, a whole new type of unclaimed property has been generated that companies need to be aware of and understand. This new type of unclaimed property is referred to as an online account. Online accounts are where online gamers and sports bettors have their […]

Common Unclaimed Property Reporting Mistakes To Watch Out For

Reporting unclaimed property is an extremely intricate and oftentimes confusing process. This is especially true for holders of unclaimed property who do not specialize in the reporting process and attempt to complete it entirely on their own. Due to this process being so complex, it can be difficult for holders to even realize when and […]

Your Guide to Preparing for the Fall Unclaimed Property Reporting Cycle

The fall 2023 unclaimed property reporting cycle has arrived. That means it is time for businesses to ensure they have all their ducks in a row and are prepared to comply with all unclaimed property rules and regulations. While this may be a daunting and, at times, time-consuming process, taking the time to prepare now […]

What are the Best Practices for Due Diligence?

“Due diligence” is a phrase commonly heard in work environments today. However, it is so often said that few people take the time to truly think about what it means to practice due diligence when performing their jobs.

Six Reasons You Should Outsource Your Unclaimed Property Compliance

Are you a new business trying to wrap your head around your obligations regarding Unclaimed Property? You may be an established business that has struggled to understand and meet the requirements for reporting your unclaimed property. Or are you simply too busy, and dealing with your company’s unclaimed property is something you would like to […]

Bolstering Unclaimed Property Policies and Procedures: What You Need to Know

wooden blocks that read policies and procedures

Unclaimed property is often an involved, complex arena, and developing guidelines to ensure compliance is vital to identifying manageable challenges before they snowball into more substantial setbacks. All too often, organizations only consider developing formal policies and procedures — or reintroducing outdated iterations — when faced with the possibility of an unclaimed property audit. Here, […]